Learn to grow!

My much neglected blog has taken a back seat this year as it’s been one of the busiest and most rewarding years since I started my pattern design business, but at the start of the year, that wasn’t how I though it would be.

I think everyone In the creative business would agree that you put your work out there, and your never sure how It will be received, and when your works loved it’s not just a wage, it’s someone saying ‘yes’ to your work.

I decided a few months ago to really open myself up to work that might scare me a bit, but ultimately will make me grow, I’ve joined art groups and volunteered to help them, I’ve taken part in community projects to create art to benefit food banks, as well as working with companies from Russia, India, Slovakia and good old Yorkshire. (The socks image below is credit to Dedoles featuring my owl design)

One of the biggest projects of the year (which I can’t share yet) is for the Woodland Trust, I’m doing an art installation for a visitor centre, i think thats one of the most amazing things I’ve been asked to do, so watch out for my next posts showing it in progress.

I'm doing a couple of Christmas fairs in a few months so I’m sharing a few images of some of the goodies I’ll be selling, I’ll blog them soon so hope to meet some of you there.

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