Bathtime Buddies!

I’ve been so busy recently, I’ve neglected to add to my blog, it’s suddenly been a very busy time with everyone thinking ahead to Christmas 2019.

I’ve been working on some really exciting designs with some lovely people, but I unfortunately won’t be able to share them until they are launched in retail, but I can say they have been lovely to work on.


Eastburn Card Design

ve also been working on lots of cards and posters for my own brand, and the book I produced is getting out there in stores too, so I’m a pretty happy designer, I’m looking forward to working towards a plan for the next few months, as well as steadily building a portfolio.

One job I can share that I did recently, was a drawing for an amazing furniture company in Eastburn, they wanted a card designing for their customers as a thank you. They have a beautiful mill, and their kitchen are amazing, they even had one of their kitchens appeared on Mary Berry's baking show recently. I wanted to get across the feel of the old mill, with all the rustic wood inside, and I was really please with the finished illustration.

I've also been working on children's designs for my portfolio, so thought i'd share one of my favourites at the moment.

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