Happy Friday Feeling!

Like many craft workers/artists out there, you can sometimes feel like it's all work and no pay back. I do love designing and even working through the night to get projects done is something I still love doing, especially if there's a glass or two of red wine handy! but occasionally you do wonder if anything will ever come of the hard work. I have a great husband who supports me hugely by making meals and sorting out the washing whilst i'm busy creating pretty patterns. Over the last few months I have been working towards a more defined goal - I want to focus on surface pattern design, so I made the decision to build my portfolio, whilst still creating a few products for my Poet Artist & Fisherman range. The two have worked well together, and it's helped me test how patterns will translate into products. This week has been such a great week. I've seen such a pay back for the hard work, (which I will go into more detail about at a later date when it's all finalised), it's made me realise that there is only one way, and it's just hard work and not giving up. I now need to get stocked up on red wine for all the late nights that will inevitably follow.

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